How To Make Your WordPress Blog’s URLs SEO-friendly

How To Make Your WordPress Blog's URL's SEO-friendly
So you’ve created your blog, made it look like the rest of your website and now want to get read of those query strings in your URLs? That’s easy (provided you are on a linux hosting with mod_rewrite enabled), just log into the back end, go to Settings > Permalink Settings and pick your poison there, I like the “Post name” option.

There still are few things you might want to know though: Continue reading

Adding Breadcrumb Navigation To The WordPress Blog

After replacing the default header and footer of your blog you end up with the nice blog, it is possible to navigate using widgets and to get back to the main blog page by clicking the link in your main navigational menu, but the whole thing doesn’t feel complete.

Adding breadcrumb navigation is one way to solve this – it can be placed wherever you like so that your visitors always know where they are and can easily navigate to where they want to be.

To accomplish this task quickly I used Breadcrumb NavXT plugin – there are others, may be better ones, but this one had nice reviews and it does the job. Just go to Plugins > Add New, search for Breadcrumb NavXT and click install.

Again there are few things to tweak, especially if you installed the blog as part of your website: Continue reading