Software Development

We create performant and scalable software systems for modern business needs

  • Custom solutions

    We have developed multiple custom systems for our clients in enterprise and startup worlds. We will use that experience to help you build a system that does exactly what you want it to do.

  • Reliability

    Our runtime system of choice is BEAM (Erlang virtual machine) which has a proven track record of being extremely stable and resilient under heavy load.

  • Scalability

    Our systems will use as many cores as the server has available, deploying to a server with more cores will make the application run faster right away, no change needed. Bigger applications are also able to scale across multiple servers and clusters.

  • Cross-device technology

    Most of our solutions have web interfaces which can be used from any Internet enabled device. If needed, we can also create progressive web apps as well as native apps for mobile devices.

  • DevOps

    We will help you provision and secure your Linux servers, automate deployments and monitor production software.

tools of choice


Custom software systems


E-commerce systems




Years Of Experience

We are a small team of highly experienced software developers creating unique solutions for out clients.

  • Web applications
  • Single page applications
  • Distrubuted systems

Since our establishment, we have been delivering high-quality sustainable software solutions for our customers around the world.

They trust us

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Our Team

Yuriy Davats :: Hacker Cat

Polyglot programmer with a soft spot for functional programming.

Loves to build, tweak and customize software systems.

Extras: Linux, travel, biking, psychology.

Vladimir Egorov :: CSS Ninja

Frontend commando passionate about React/Vue development and Contao CMS/E-commerce.

Loves to make things pretty and neat, clean & simple.

Extras: Linux, mountain climbing, trekking, biking.

Taras Rusin :: Backend Puppy

Curious soul with tons of excitement and friendly attitude.

Wants to learn about the world and the tools of our trade.

Extras: Linux, travel, dogs.