Outernet – globally available source of information

A Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF) project, Outernet will use a network of small satellites to transmit selected Internet data to any Wi-Fi-enabled device anywhere in the world at no cost.

By leveraging datacasting technology over a low-cost satellite constellation, Outernet is able to bypass censorship, ensure privacy, and offer a universally-accessible information service at no cost to global citizens. It’s the modern version of shortwave radio, or BitTorrent from space.

Sounds like fun, let’s hope it works out.

World’s First Internet Explorer 7 Tax

IE7 Tax
Australian online retailer Kogan.com has introduced the world’s first “tax” on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) browser.
The new 6.8% tax comes into effect on 13 Jun 2012 on all products purchased from Kogan.com by anyone still insistent on using the antique browser.
“As Internet citizens, we all have a responsibility to make the Internet a better place. By taking these measures, we are doing our bit.”
Good job – someone has to pay 🙂 Nice way of attracting attention and links as well.

Anonymous hacking spree

Anonymous were busy lately, they cracked CIA website, US Alabama state servers and some Mexican websites. Small review of their recent activity on pcworld.com.

Someone (not Anonymous for a change) has also compromised U.N. server, here’s the bad part:

U.N. was not using basic web security and … a simple SQL injection attack (SQLIA) was what enabled the hacker to gain access to the U.N.’s database.

Totally not cool! Why would anyone want to hack U.N. is a mystery, perhaps they just saw the security hole and just couldn’t help it…

Hello world!

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